Mary Ann Fernandes has worked in the Computer Art business since 1995, getting a degree in Fine Art from the University of Oregon. Now residing in San Diego, I specialize in game art, Websites, shopping cart sites and online marketing as a freelancer. Here are some highlights of my resume:

1995-1999 - Worked at Dynamix, part of Sierra Online on computer based games such as A-10 Tank Killer, Rama, Red Baron II, Cyberstorm 2, Trophy Bass 3D and Tribes.

1999-2007 - Worked at Angel Studios that turned into Rockstar San Diego on Xbox and Playstation games such as Midnight Club 1, 2, 3, LA, and Transworld Offroad.

Had kids and started working at home

2007 - Present - Websites and App Games such as iOS Bees and Boomtown Boardwalk, Part owner of online store shopspaViolet

San Diego CA 92130 - (858) 229-0040 - Email: maryann@fernandesmedia.com